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  • Don't get stuck. Call 604-268-5339 and tell BCAA to end their lockout.

    If you're a BCAA member, please call them at 604-268-5000 (Lower Mainland) or 1-800-811-5900 (toll-free)  and tell them you aren't happy with being put in the middle and want them to negotiate a fair deal with their roadside assistance dispatchers.

    Sample Script:

    Hi there. My name is _______ and I’m a BCAA member. I’m calling because I heard about your lockout of your roadside assistance dispatchers and I’m upset about it. I don’t appreciate being put in the middle. A big reason I have a BCAA membership is because your employees provide good service and timely roadside assistance but I’m worried you won’t be able to guarantee that with the lockout.

    People should get paid fairly for the hours they work. Please tell the President of BCAA that you need to get back to the negotiating table and reach a fair deal with the union.

    Did You Know BCAA Owns Evo Car Share?

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    Evo car sharing is owned by BCAA. Can you really trust a company that’s willing to make its customers wait longer when they need help just so they can treat employees unfairly? 

    Say No to Evo.

    Choose one of these other Metro Vancouver car sharing options:

    • Modo
    • Zipcar
    • car2go
    • Student Car Share

    Learn More

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    Media Release: BCAA Lockout Threat Puts Summer Road Trips at Risk

    Media Release: BCAA Union Asks Car Sharers to Say No to Evo


  • Why is this important to workers?

    Working people are the backbone of our economy in Metro Vancouver, and we know you care deeply about our economic future. Voting Yes will make our economy more competitive by ensuring goods and people can move around our region safely and efficiently.

    Voting Yes also means protecting our environment, improving air quality, cutting emissions and helping us meet the challenges of climate change.

    Your union’s leaders, many other unions in the Lower Mainland, and the BC Federation of Labour have voted to join the historic coalition made up of students, trade union members, local business owners, environmental and faith groups, academics and more, all connected by a vision of accessible, reliable public transit for everyone. We support the plan laid out by the Mayors’ Council, and are urging you to vote Yes in the upcoming referendum. Voting No means years more of delays, while costs and congestion increases.

    This referendum is our opportunity to solve the transit challenges we face right now, and plan for the future. We can’t afford to miss this chance to do the right thing for our communities, our economy and our environment. Please vote Yes in the upcoming referendum.

    For more information, visit, or


  • At $10.25/hr BC's minimum wage is one of the lowest in Canada. As the cost of living continues to go up, workers earning minimum wage cannot make ends meet.

    B.C.'s minimum wage leaves full-time workers living below the poverty line.

    The BC Federation of Labour, and the unions like COPE 378 that make it up, believe that work should lift you out of poverty. It's time for the B.C. government to increase the minimum wage so that nobody is left behind.

    Help us fight for $15/hr. It's only fair!


  • Please take a moment to send a message to your MLA to support fair funding for Capilano University.

  • According to the Native Women's Association of Canada, more than 582 indigenous women have gone missing or been murdered in Canada. Advocates believe the number is closer to 800.

  • When workers get together and stand up for fairness, they get results. Learn more about what unions have built and what people like you continue to achieve through unions today.

  • EARN: The Employee Action & Rights Network - It’s here to help you get advice about being employed in BC, inform you of your rights as a worker, and learn about others and their experiences.

  • COPE 378 works closely with unions, labour groups, and Global Union Federations throughout the world. In an age of ever-increasing economic integration, global trade, transnational ownership and even the integration of governments and monetary systems, the needs and interests of COPE members are directly and indirectly intertwined with those of workers the world over.